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Sharky Extreme : News From Inside The Industry February 18, 2012
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News From Inside The Industry


By Eric Grevstad :  March 29, 2010

Nvidia has launched -- or slightly pre-launched, since cards won't reach retailers till mid-April -- the first products in its new "Fermi" line of graphics processing units. The GeForce GTX 470 and flagship GTX 480 cards are expected to sell for around $350 and $500, respectively.

Besides setting new benchmark speed records in DirectX 11 games, the Fermi GPUs promise ultra-photorealistic scenes and effects, with high-speed 32X antialiasing to smooth edges and interactive ray tracing never before available from a consumer product. An SLI setup with a pair of the new cards supports three-monitor, 5,760 by 1,080 surround stereoscopic 3D using Nvidia's 3D Vision glasses and compatible monitors.

Such a setup will also require at least a 1,000-watt power supply; Nvidia recommends that a desktop have a minimum 550-watt PSU for the 448-processing-core GTX 470 and a 600-watt PSU for the 480-core GTX 480. Each dual-slot card has one Mini HDMI and two dual-link DVI-I outputs.