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Panasonic ShowStopper Review
VideoLogic DigiTheatre Surround Sound
ReplayTV 2020 PDR
D-Link DMP-100 Portable MP3 Review
Sony MZ-R55 MiniDisc Recorder Review
 Sharky's Technology Extreme: Most Recent Articles

Sony PlayStation 2 Coverage We've been sweating it out here at the Shark Cave - waiting around for the US launch of the PlayStation 2. Here are this week's offerings in that department: Steve Smith starts his "24 Hours in the Life of a PS2 Drone" with The Bootup (Illustrated), and The Box. Sharky, Ben and Jon have contributed The Lineup, The Countdown and, of course, our original hands-on Review of the Japanese PS2. Enjoy!

Creative Nomad Jukebox Review What if you could carry around 6 gigs of music (150 CDs) around with you in a machine the size and weight of a Sony Discman. It's portable, full featured and powerful. It's a music geek's dream. Add a car-kit and you're good to go for, oh, about 150 hours of driving too.

Nomad II MP3 Player Review The first Nomad player stole the show. It trumped Diamond's original Rio and the rest by offering more than just 32 or 64MB of flash memory, it also offered better headphones (the cool kind that wrap around the back of your head – so very Generation Y), FM radio and voice recording. But it was saddled without USB support. That's why I wanted to get my hands on the sequel.

Palm Vx Review Although PDAs have been around for a while, the Palm Vx is one that gets it all right on the functionality side of things.

Hard Disk Recorders offer distinct advantages over standard VCRs: no more searching for last Thursday’s taping of ER in your collection of unlabeled videotapes!! Check out our review of Panasonic's Showstopper Hard Disk Recorder and see how it can change the way you watch TV.

The new DigiTheatre DTS builds on the foundation of its older sibling by offering enhanced speakers, more amplifier power, a better remote control and command unit, more connectivity options, and full Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS surround sound decoding.

The PDR we're evaluating today is manufactured and sold by ReplayTV Inc., and is their current top of the line model, The ReplayTV 2020.

Networking giant D-Link is getting into the MP3 hardware game with the release of their new ultra-portable DMP-100 player/recorder. We test the new unit and compare it to the current state of the art players already on the market.

Sony's current North American flagship recorder, the MZ-R55, is one of the smallest recording units available on the market.

MidiLand's S4 8200 kit provides buyers with the opportunity to enjoy a mainstream DVD movie in its full Dolby Digital 5.1 glory for under $300.

Today we're looking at the newest PC-oriented amplified speaker set from the talented engineers at the UK-based company known as VideoLogic (now Imagination Technologies).

Today we take an in-depth look at the latest portable MP3 audio player from Diamond Multimedia, the Rio 500.

Today's review of VideoLogic's new "DigiTheater" speaker kit is different, as it's one of the rare occurrences where a traditional PC-oriented company is attempting to sell products to the mainstream consumer electronics market.

Today we're looking at a brand new six speaker kit from MidiLand that offers five independent channels of sound reproduction, plus a dedicated subwoofer to achieve Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound compatibility.

So you've been looking for a DVD player that costs less than $200, delivers excellent picture quality, and even plays VCD, CD-R, and CD-RW discs? Well, we've got your solution and it comes from a company you may not even know.

We've assembled the hottest upcoming electronics products, from the powerful Playstation 2 to the new Sony portable DVD player line, and detailed each of them for your review. Technology is evolving quickly, put yourself in the know!

In Part 2 of our CES coverage we're recounting our experiences with the newest products from Pioneer, Sanyo, and Philips, from the world's first HD-DVD player to a new high capacity digital storage medium that holds 730MB of data on a small 2.5" disc.

Sharky Extreme representatives attended this year's 2000 CES show, and we're happy to say that the new products we saw will bring much higher levels of entertainment fulfillment in the areas of audio, video, and portability.

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