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  • Price: $325 - $375 esp

    Ship Date: Now

    PC speaker systems have really matured over the past three years thanks mainly to the widespread adoption of CD and DVD media formats as standardsthe new standards.

    Choosing the right audio setup for your machine can turn a rather plain or ho-hum audio experience into an immersive, vibrant acoustic adventure.

    Today we're looking at the newest PC-oriented amplified speaker set from the talented engineers at the UK-based company known as VideoLogic. This "Sirocco Crossfire" 4.1 system will leave you breathless as it's easily one of the most pleasurable reviews we've been fortunate enough to provide readers with this year.

    Read on now as we explore just how much audio bliss $400 can buy...

    The Sirocco lineup has long been the top of the line PC speaker option in VideoLogic's acoustic stable, the Crossfire version builds on this reputation by adding two additional speakers for rear channels.

    The 80Watt Sirocco Crossfire set encompasses the following components:

    2 x 10W dedicated front satellite speakers
    2 x 10W dedicated rear satellite speakers
    1 x 40W Powered Subwoofer/Amplifier
    1 x Control module

    Pair the Crossfire set with a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Platinum sound card or VideoLogic's own SonicVortex2 card and your PC is immediately ready to tackle MP3 audio, and DVD playback at an impressive scale.

    The jet-black speakers and control module reinforce the serious intent of the kit, in fact the feel of the stainless steel control module is second to none, it really belongs in a custom Harmon Kardon or Bang and Olufson audio/video setup.

    Very professional.

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