Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 11

Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest edition of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and with it comes some new challenges that users may encounter. One such common issue is the microphone not working. Imagine you are in an online meeting or trying to record a voice note, and your microphone just won’t work—it can be incredibly … Read more

Fix Windows Not Detecting Headphones

Windows Not Detecting Headphones

Ever been in a situation where you plug your headphones into your computer, but Windows doesn’t seem to detect them? It can be really frustrating, especially when you need to listen to your music or watch a movie without disturbing those around you, and you may find yourself scrambling to find solutions. But don’t despair … Read more

How to Fix Windows 11 Not Detecting Second Monitor

Windows 11 Not Detecting Second Monitor

Are you frustrated by your Windows 11 operating system not recognizing your second monitor? Don’t worry; this is a common issue and one that we can help you fix! Like previous Windows versions, Windows 11 also comes with the amazing feature of extending your display to a second monitor. But, if this feature is not … Read more