How to Solve HDMI No Signal on Windows PC Monitor

HDMI No Signal on Windows PC Monitor

Ah, the good old “HDMI No Signal” error, a classic that never gets old! It’s always frustrating when trying to connect your monitor to your PC, and something seems to need to be fixed. But fear not. We are here to help you! Let’s dive into the possible reasons for this pesky error. It could … Read more

How to Fix Dell Laptop Black Screen

Fix Dell Laptop Black Screen

Dell laptops are pretty sweet, aren’t they? They’re reliable, versatile, and high-performing, which is great if you’re into that. But let’s talk about something that’s not so sweet – a black screen. It can happen for various reasons, from minor software issues to major hardware problems. Either way, it’s a pain in the butt. So, … Read more

CPU Package Temperature Higher Than Core! Here are the fixes

CPU Package Temperature Higher

A sensor near the CPU is used to measure the thermal reading of the CPU package temperature. Conversely, a sensor positioned on the motherboard measures the core temperature. As a result, the CPU package temperature typically registers slightly higher than the core temperature. The CPU package temperature provides a more precise reading when the temperature … Read more

What Is GPU Overclocking – Beginners Guide

GPU Overclocking

Did you know that your GPU could get even more performance out of it – all at no extra cost?! If the thought of getting better speed and performance from your existing setup is exciting enough for you, then GPU Overclocking is the thing you should look into! This blog post will be your guide … Read more

How to do CPU Delidding and Is it Worth the Risk?

CPU Delidding

Delidding is removing the integrated heat spreader (IHS) from the top of a CPU to replace the thermal interface material (TIM) between the IHS and the CPU die with a better-performing compound or to replace the CPU die itself. While delidding can result in improved thermal performance and potentially better overclocking capabilities, there are also … Read more

How to Overclock Monitor and Is it Worth it?

Overclock Monitor REFRESH RATE

Overclocking, increasing a monitor’s refresh rate beyond its factory settings, has become a popular way to enhance the gaming experience by reducing input lag and improving visual fluidity. However, overclocking a monitor is not without risks. It can potentially cause permanent damage to the hardware if not done correctly. In this context, it is essential … Read more

How to Undervolt GPU – Why and When to Do It

How to Undervolt GPU

Undervolting is a technique that can decrease the voltage that a processor or graphics card requires while maintaining the same level of performance. This can lead to reduced power consumption, lower temperatures, and increased stability. As a result, undervolting is becoming increasingly popular to improve the performance and efficiency of computers, especially for gamers and … Read more

How to Undervolt CPU – Why and When to Do It

How to Undervolt GPU

We rely on computers to help us achieve our goals. However, one of the biggest challenges with using computers is their speed and performance, especially as they age. One way to improve the performance of a computer is by optimizing its settings, such as undervolting the CPU. Undervolting can help reduce heat and power consumption … Read more

Is 80 Degrees Celsius Hot for a GPU?

Is 80 Degrees Celsius Hot for GPU

Many gamers and tech enthusiasts have asked this question when it comes to their graphics card or GPU. Is 80 degrees celsius Hot for a GPU? Knowing at what temperature your GPU is operating can make a huge difference between a good gaming experience and an unstable one. So, if you’re worried that your GPU … Read more

How to Lower GPU Temp? Tried and Tested Practices

How to Lower GPU Temp

As computer technology advances, we become increasingly reliant on the graphics processing unit. However, few people give much thought to the temperature of their GPU. This is a mistake that can come back to bite you in the long run. A GPU that is overheating can cause damage to the hardware, which can be costly … Read more